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Hari Dil was forced to flee his family mansion in Peshawar during the partition of India. He settled in Rampur and married Maya, with whom he had five daughters. When Hari's long-lost uncle Mehar suddenly reappears, he requests that Maya bear a son to continue their family line before passing away. Desperate for a son, Maya suffers from depression and loses interest in life after giving birth to Josh.

As Josh grows up, he becomes haunted by the fear of death and visions of the god Yama. Hari worries that his family curse may harm Josh just as it had afflicted his father and himself. When tragedy strikes and Maya takes her own life, Josh must confront his fear of death and the curse that plagues his family.

With richly drawn characters and evocative storytelling, this poignant novel explores the themes of family, tradition, love, and the power of belief. Will Josh be able to overcome the curse that has befallen his family, or will he too succumb to its effects? Find out in this gripping tale of one family's struggle for survival and redemption.

Author, Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Social Thinker
Meet The Author

Om Soni is an author and entrepreneur who was born in Punjab, India and who now lives in Detroit, MI with his wife, son, and their dog, where he is building a tech startup and runs an IT consulting company.


Born into an orthodox Hindu family with conflicting religious beliefs, he was plagued with self-doubt until he was in his forties, when he finally decided to take control and become a voice of reason amidst the cacophony of misinformation.


Through his books, he strives to deliver the facts, deliciously wrapped in exciting fiction that is hard to put down or ignore. And through them he intends to continue to put forth the history and ideas that are buried by those who have an agenda to mislead the masses.


With an interest in history, culture and religion, Om enjoys traveling whenever he can. Men of Khyber is his first work of historical fiction. Click here to read his full profile.

Author, Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Social Thinker

Men of Khyber

Jawar Dil is the influential and charismatic leader of a powerful Hindu clan in Khyber. His skill in maintaining peace and harmony between many different factions and amidst the complex relationships that abound in the region are legendary, but after the death of his beloved wife he decides to retreat from public life and live as a spiritual recluse in Jalalabad.

With the clan now left dependent on Jawar’s untested son, Jai, it isn’t long before radical elements emerge to take advantage. Encouraged by Jai’s inexperience, Arfan, a Mullah with a lust for power provokes conflicts between Muslim warlords and the Hindu tribes, aided by his grandson, Ali.

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