Author, Entrepreneur, Software Engineer
Meet The Author

Om Soni is a Software Engineer by profession and has an MS in Data Science from Wayne State University, USA, and a master’s in computer applications from Punjabi University, India.


Born in Punjab, into an orthodox Hindu family with conflicting religious beliefs, with a mother who was a dedicated Sanatani Hindu and a father who was born in a family of Sikhs and Hindus but fostered by a Christian Irish aunt, it was little wonder he grew up ready to question everything.


With so much noise in his head from all the questions about conflicting philosophies, Om’s teenage years were especially difficult and it was only after a great deal of agony that he learned to be at peace with the ideological and theological mess he was in.

Author, Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Social Thinker

In his twenties, he welcomed and explored all ideas. But even though he had read and thought deeply about many topics, doubt, hesitation, and fear of being wrong continued to haunt him. The painful realization that deafening sounds of ignorance and lies were drowning the timid voices of sanity troubled him and self-doubt would continue to plague him until he was in his forties.

It was only then that he decided that he could no longer allow those who drive this world to the abyss of ignorance, to control the information and media. The endless nonsense spread by shameless displays of confidence by ignorant people should not force the ones who know better to submit. He decided there and then, to become the voice of reason.

He still has doubts but he refuses to allow them to silence him any longer. Through his books, he strives to deliver the facts, deliciously wrapped in exciting fiction that is hard to put down or ignore. And through them he intends to continue to put forth the history and ideas that are buried by those who have an agenda to mislead the masses.

With a deep interest in history, culture, and religion Om is well traveled around the globe. He currently lives in Detroit, MI with his wife, son, and their dog, where he is building a tech startup and runs an IT consulting company. Men of Khyber is Om’s first work of historical fiction.