Jawar Dil is the influential and charismatic leader of a powerful Hindu clan in Khyber. His skill in maintaining peace and harmony between many different factions and amidst the complex relationships that abound in the region are legendary, but after the death of his beloved wife he decides to retreat from public life and live as a spiritual recluse in Jalalabad.

With the clan now left dependent on Jawar’s untested son, Jai, it isn’t long before radical elements emerge to take advantage. Encouraged by Jai’s inexperience, Arfan, a Mullah with a lust for power provokes conflicts between Muslim warlords and the Hindu tribes, aided by his grandson, Ali.

It isn’t long before Jai is completely cut off and out of his depth and is unable to deal with the escalating conflict. With the rising death toll of his people, Jawar returns with his brother Jurnail and their childhood friend, Dostan, to defeat their enemies.
But there are greater problems looming. As the political situation in India hangs on a knife edge and Muslims are calling for their own country, Arfan and Ali use it as a pretext to return and continue their war against the Dils.

Do the Dils have the power to defeat them again and see peace returned to their lands? Will the clan heed Jai’s advice and relocate to a place where they will be safe? Or will their desire to live and die in the lands they were born in be too strong to overcome?